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Engineering Surveys

  • Marine surveys
  • Navigational marine surveys
  • Geophysical surveys
  • Magnetometric surveys
  • Air photo sounding

​​​​​​​Hydrographic Surveys

Hydrographic surveys are technically challenging and costly, require advanced vessel-based and ROV-based equipment and a pool of highly qualified professionals. Performance and operation speed largely depend on weather conditions and are seasonal in nature. This needs to be considered when planning field operations and stages of office data processing, reporting and other activities under a project.

Study and positioning of underwater objects, pipelines and networks are performed using high-tech equipment that might be used together or separately depending on a task. “ETC for Special Works” LLC owns or is ready to obtain in a prompt manner from its contractors the following equipment for hydrographic surveys: multibeam echo-sounders and profilographs, circular and side-scan sonars, magnetometers, including towed ones, pipeline finders, etc. This equipment can be installed on board large and small vessels, as well as remotely operated vehicles that work under water.

Magnetometer Surveys

Latest magnetometer technologies make it possible in a quick manner to collect data, send, and analyze them. The accuracy and demand for magnetometer surveys make it in demand in mine action, archaeological, and other engineering surveys. The own fleet of vehicles with a function of towing for the special-purpose equipment, qualified staff and advanced, often tailor-made machinery make the Company distinct as it is able to collect data from a significant area in a relatively short time, which is not only in demand in surveys, but also in quality control efforts.

Aerial Photosounding

The breakthrough in science and technology makes it possible to save resources, make the area survey time less, expand an area covered by engineering surveys and gain access to the information that is difficult to access in-situ by installing equipment on aircrafts like drones. Understanding perfrectly well  all the prospects of this field for mine action, archaeology, geophysics, hydrography and environmental protection, “ETC for Special Works” actively works in this direction in closer contacts with manufacturers of magnetometer, geophysical and hydrographic equipment.