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Mine Action

Mine action is  performed in the interests of the mankind in various projects that might involve humanitarian demining after war conflicts and area preparation for further construction.

Mine action in areas:

  • Non-technical Survey
  • Technical Survey
  • UXO Water Area Survey
  • Battle Area Clearance
  • Engineering supervision (quality control)
  • Counselling and expert services
  • Control over a flow of reporting documents at authorized public agencies

Mine action in water areas:

  • Set of geophysical and hydrographic operations in mine action
  • Survey in water areas
  • Clearance in water area
  • EO disposal (transportation, destruction in-situ or at a firing ground)

Non-technical Survey

Non-technical survey is a starting point for the assessment of land, its categorisation and the processes of cancelling, reducing or clearing land for further use. It involves an analysis of new information about anticipated Explosive Ordnance contamination, mostly without the use of mine action equipment inside the area of interest. Non-technical survey might include desk assessments, analysis of historical records, other information gathering and analysis, as well as visits to the areas of interest.

Technical Survey

Technical survey is an important stage for identification, confirmation and definitions of borders of a hazardous area and an analysis of distribution of Explosive Ordnance. Technical survey may be performed independently or integrated with other clearance operations. It is intrusive, using survey and clearance equipment. It can be performed prior to, during and upon clearance to support needs of decision makers.

Bottom Clearance of Hazardous Items in Water Areas

In water areas, bottom clearance of hazardous items.

Scope of work:

  • Comprehensive survey in water areas
  • Detection and identification of hazardous objects
  • Disposal of hazardous objects.


  • Hydro-acoustic survey using C-Max side-scan sonar (made in the UK)
  • Geomagnetic survey using Sea Spy sea towed magnetometer (made in Canada)
  • Diver inspection, underwater technical operations
  • Drilling and blasting operations (destruction of detected explosive ordnance)

Battle Area Clearance

Works related to explosive ordnance (EO) survey on the ground are performed for construction (development) planning in mine hazardous areas following Federal Law No. 68-FZ "On Protection of Population and Territories from Natural and Man-made Emergencies" of December 21, 1994.

"ETC for Special Works" provides the following services:

  • Thorough technical survey of confirmed or suspected hazardous areas
  • Identification of an outside perimeter for a hazardous area, possible type of EO, its condition, risk degree and a possible burial depth
  • Awareness-raising actions for the population about safety measures and rules of behaviour in case of the detection of an explosive ordnance
  • Search for and destruction of explosive ordnance


Engineering Supervision & Quality Management

Managing quality relies upon the repeated and consistent application of simple principles across an organisation’s activities. Quality management in mine action is intended to meet requirements of different customer groups, not just the immediate beneficiaries.

Key quality elements are related to opportunities for a check of conformity:

  • assessment of suppliers/providers (accreditation included)
  • quality control of inputs to a process
  • in-progress monitoring (following IMAS 07.40)
  • quality control of outputs prior to land release
  • post-release surveys of recipients and beneficiaries

Consultancy & Expert Services

Consulting and expert services might relate to each direction of activities of the Company and are strictly customer-oriented.

In mine action, "ETC for Special Works" LLC has a full range of resources, qualifications and skills to provide expert and advisory support feeded by rich experience of its staff and the portfolio of completed projects.