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Destruction of explosive ordnance

Destruction of explosive ordnance (EO) on the earth's surface meets The Uniform Safety Rules for Blasting Operations (PB 13-407-01), The Regulations on Procedure for Training and Testing of Personnel’s Knowledge for Blasting” (RD 13-416- 01), the IMAS International Mine Action Standards and other applicable documents.

EO destruction includes the following steps:

  • Immediate departure of a disposal team by the car specially equipped and approved for transportation of hazardous cargo,
  • Arrangements for liaising with local authorities, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the media and medical institutions,
  • EO identification,
  • Rendering EO safe (when required),
  • EO manual or crane loading,
  • EO transportation to a firing ground along agreed routes,
  • EO manual or crane unloading,
  • EO destruction by demolition,
  • Submission of reporting documents